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Knotted Wrack pustules

Observed: 8th May 2013 By: dejayM
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the winkle
the pustules

As I was photographing the reticulated Flat Periwinkle (as you do!), I noticed the orange pustules on the usually warty reproductive bodies (conceptacles). They seem to coincide with the inner warts of the body.
I would like to know if they are part of the reproductive process or, perhaps, a pathogen.

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egg.. (and power race)

Actually 9th May
Yes Jo. I was concentrating on the Pustules.
I need to get to grips with the differences in the bladders - in fact all the wracks.
I have the Seasearch book and need to pay more attention - tomorrow then!
Interesting, considering, that my ID still is the most likely.
I'll check tomorrow and maybe agree with you to see what happens to Likely ID!
Edit (July)
Six weeks later I added my agreement (will you forgive the delay Jo?) so NOW the Likely ID is yours. See how much power we wield between us?
14 Dec 2013
Another Edit (of the CORE type) to bring this post into the great Unreads. These pustules are conceptacles which are explained in the pages here >>Jessica's Blog<< (should anyone be interested!)