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Horseshoe Vetch

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Horseshoe Vetch
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From the photograph ...

... I couldn't say whether this is Hippocrepsis comosa, or Lotus corniculatus or Lathyrus pratenis, both of which are commoner. In this case a view of the foliage would resolve the identification.

It may be possible to identify it by details of the flowers, but it might also require a more detailed photograph of the flowers to do so.

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Sorry all the photos I have are very similar so no help there. Hopefully I will remember to get the leaves next time. Thanks for the correction on the ID. I know there is horseshoe vetch around that area - the Mill Hill website says it dominates that area so I will have another go in the future no doubt.

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I think the ring of flowers

I think the ring of flowers around the central point is much more Hippocrepis than Lotus. Also the hint of leaves in the bottom right corner suggests pinnate narrow leaves

Tim Rich