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Lace web spider

Observed: 5th May 2013 By: PaulChallinorPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found in the corner of the frame of a garden shed window pane (dismantling same)in a South Wales urban garden. It was not too concerned regarding disturbance. Web destroyed in process so unable to describe this.
Looking through the books and internet it seems very difficult to determine whether this is A. similis or A. fenestralis - so I've only id'd to genus level. Any correction or help is great appreciated.

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This is family level

Amaurobiidae is the family to which the genus is Amaurobius belongs. If you wish to revise your id to the more precise 'genus' level use 'Amaurobius sp.'!

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Actually they aren't too difficult..

If you can get a good look at either the palpal apophyses on a male, or the epigyne on a female.

For the latter you'll need to hold her up in a glass tube and use at least a x10 lens or very good macro. (or use a spy pot as described by Roberts in the classic work)

Also, note there is still a trace of the typical cribellate 'gunsmoke' web in your pictures, incredibly fine giving it a bluey smokey look, often mistaken for old web, it's a good indication that you are looking at a lace weaver.