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Unknown egg sacs? help needed with ID please

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: jools

unfortunately, no photo available. Was scrubbing bottom of boat, scraped off huge clusters of what seemed to be egg sacs (numbering in the hundreds), semi translucent, some sort of embryo (orangey colour, shape indistinct) moving gently inside. Each sac approx 7cm long, approx 4cm across, gelatinous and fluid filled. Can't find any photos that resemble what I saw - wondered whether they were jelly fish eggs, or some sort of fish?

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Orange tipped sea squirts

I emailed my description of the organisms to Glaucus and asked for help with the ID. They are not egg sacs at all, but a non-native, invasive type of sea squirt that can pose a threat to our native marine species- this link takes you to info and pictures:
Thank you to Andy Horton for his help.