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Large Female Spider

Observed: 4th May 2013 By: gramandy
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Large Female Spider

Large (looks like female markings) spider (body length 31mm), found in a a garage clear out.

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You are right with Tegenaria but you cannot reliably go to species from a photograph. Best to enter a revised ID of just "Tegenaria"

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Chris - the markings...

...are so distinct - can we not go to sp? I have looked through several sites now and these markings seem to pull this apart? I know there are about 30-40 sp of T.sp

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Hi Graham, as I understand it the answer is "reliably no", I think it is a genitalia job to be sure. I'm sure an expert will confirm this or otherwise. Regards Chris

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Tegeneria from the

Tegeneria from the atrica/saeva/gigantea complex are hard enough under a microscope.

Upperpart markings not reliable.