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Observed: 7th May 2013 By: rodgriffrodgriff’s reputation in Birds

Padstow Harbour

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ID comment

You are correct in that this is a Turnstone or a Ruddy Turnstone. You should add a scientific name though to complete your ID. Just add a revised ID enter "Turnstone" and then press "get recommended" for the Latin name. It is this name that truly ID's your sighting and links to similar sightings on iSpot.

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Well Done, Chris

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, Chris, but I admire the way you tell people about identifications etc so that they get their id credit. Some people aren't as considerate (though I think EVERYONE should be).



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Hi Simon, when I first joined iSpot the practise of "adding scientific name" was rife and I found myself doing it because it seemed to be the done thing, though I was never comfortable with it and soon stopped.

It is my belief that it's best to help new members with the site etiquette and try and get them the credit for their observation.

All that said it's just a personal thing and "adding scientific name" is much reduced. However I have no problem with those who still do it, I can see the reasons behind it but it's just not for me.

Regards Chris

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Nor Me.

I'm with you. I think the way we do things encourages people, and that's got to be good.