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Common Vetch

Observed: 7th May 2013 By: anonymous spotter
Common Vetch

Downy plant scrambling up a sapling on roadside verge. Flowers 1-3 growing in leaf axils. Flowers 12mm across, pinkish-purple. Calyx teeth equal in length. Leaves consist of up to 8 pairs of oval bristle-tipped leaflets in decreasing size and ending in tendrils.

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Vicia sativa

Probably V. sativa subsp. nigra. There are three subspecies. Subsp. nigra has concolorous flowers, ie all the same colour. If the standard (the vertical petal) is paler than the rest of the flower then it's down to the fruits - subsp. segetalis has glabrous pods, subsp. sativa is usually pubescent.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland