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Chewing Gum Lichen

Observed: 5th May 2013 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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Growing on a south-facing oolitic limestone dry-stone wall


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Chewing Gum lichen?

To me, the chewing gum lichens are those that grow on pavement and which look like discarded and trodden on chewing gum to the uninitiated.

I don't associate A. calcarea with such situations, but maybe this is a matter of geography? The classic 'chewing gum' lichen is Lecanora muralis, with Aspicilia contorta increasingly abundant on paving in many areas, and also, locally, Lecanora campestris. Protoblastenia rupestris may count as another.


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Thanks for clarifying that

Thanks for clarifying that Alan. I will try to find some proper chewing gum lichens!