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Stag beetle

Observed: 10th June 2009 By: this is reginathis is regina’s reputation in Invertebrates

It was flying almost vertically and it was very loud too. It measured something from 5 to 7 cm. At the time I had no idea of what it could be because I had never seen one before, but with some reasearch I have found out it probably is a Stag Beetle.

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Stag Beetle

What a great insect! This one is a male, with the long 'antlers' - they are actually enlarged mandibles, and although they look a bit fearsome they are in fact quite harmless. The males sometimes use their mandibles to wrestle other males and compete for females. The females have much smaller mandible, but can actually bite a bit harder!

Lots more information about Stag Beetles at Maria Fremlin's website:

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Good photos!

Difficult to get the focus right at close range with these beasts.

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Old Photos

Thanks for the comment.

These pictures are actually one year old! I took them because it was the first time I had seen this bug and I wanted to keep it for my personal record, until I found this site to share them!

I am so happy to have found this site! Looking forward to upload more and find out what it is! (as I am no expert :)