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Mallard brood

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Birds
Mallard brood

I have been following this family since they hatched and fledged on 1st May when they numbered 11. On 2nd May they were reduced to 9. Today, only 7 remain which may very well be reduced to 6 by now because after I walked along the river and returned, there was one duckling on its own with the mother and rest of the family nowhere to be seen! (Pic 3 shows the full brood on 1st May)

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Good Brood

Nice size brood, towards the top end of the average (9-12). One can understand why when you see the attrition rate John. Between gulls, heron, pike and just about everything else that moves it’s a wonder any survive at all.



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Good brood

Yes, you're right Ray, especially when you are the first brood in the locale. There is now another 2 broods - one of 8, and one of 7. The first brood (featured here) are now reduced to 5!