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Observed: 2nd March 2013 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plants

Cushion 3 cm diameter, 1.5 cm tall.
Stems 10mm, leaves 1mm spear-shaped, with nerve ending in slight point. Leaves ruddy brown at the stem tip.
On a roof of one of the farm buildings.

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Species with which Capillary Thread-moss (Bryum capillare) interacts


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Moss on the roof - poss Bryum capillare

I don't think that this is a Didymodon - when you blow the picture up the leaves look as if they have short hair points as well as the thickened (or recurved?) margins. I wonder if it might not be Bryum capillare - if you look on the bottom right of the cushion in particular some of the shoots have a spiral twisted form characteristic of that species when dry.

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OK, I'll have another look

I was certainly struggling with this, and there is another species in the clump as well, which doesn't help.

I'll get the tweazers and hand lens out again...