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Adelidae sp.

Observed: 17th May 2010 By: DevonianDevonian’s reputation in InvertebratesDevonian’s reputation in InvertebratesDevonian’s reputation in InvertebratesDevonian’s reputation in Invertebrates

Maybe a bug with a bronze sheen to its wings and antennae longer than the rest of the insect.

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Longhorn Moth

Not sure of the species.

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yes roger longhorn moth my

yes roger longhorn moth my guides arnt detailed enough to get to species level but looking online it could be Adela reaumarella (female)


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It appears to be too small and not green enough for Adela reamurella, which is the one that is most frequently seen. The time of year and the fact that it is sitting on cuckooflower fit in with it being Adela rufimitrella. That should have a yellow head, but this isn't always visible in photos. The other small species, Adela cuprella, usually flies in April and is seen around Sallow blossom.

I think A. rufimitrella is the most likely species, but I'm not 100% certain.

See the Adela species on UKmoths:

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Longhorn Moth

Great responses; very much appreciated.