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Observed: 14th May 2010 By: Seaford RoseSeaford Rose’s reputation in BirdsSeaford Rose’s reputation in Birds
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I believe this may be a juvenile Wheatear but being unsure would like help to identify it. Seen close to the Cliff Edge near to Hope Gap, Seaford in the 7 Sisters Area.

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Looks like a male wheatear to me. Lovely birds, have seen a few this year.


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At this time of year wheatears have not long since arrived, and will still be arriving, from winter quarters in Africa, so a juvenile bird is almost impossible.
In small passerines, juvenile plumage generally lasts from a few weeks to a few months, and very seldom over-winter into their first spring. Wheatears are typical in this respect when viewed in the field, but there are always exceptions to any rule.
Juvenile wheatear plumage is also similar to the hen - the biggest difference being the lack of the tear-drop eye-stripe.

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Thank you both of you, you have added to my knowledge like another spotter we thought it was a Shrike at first but the beak wasn't right. I am glad my photo worked so that we were able to look it up once back home. The markings were so bright that this made us doubt ourselves.

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