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Mixed colouration

Observed: 1st May 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plants

Yellow / white lesser celandine with all yellow ones.
Is it a different sub-species or just a variety?

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I think that the white petals ...

... are a result of age.

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I agree - I've noticed it in

I agree - I've noticed it in some we have in our garden.

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White petals

I am not disagreeing because I don't know [that is why I asked!] but the flowers look about the same size (not in the first photo but in the second) so probably the same age?
I have seen similar variation in primrose and other flowers. This may be due to other factors, so it could be a sub-species or development.
Has anyone tried "isolating" one by some means, or keeping track of a specific individual through its development?
I actually quite like the change but would like to know why it happens (and on other species).
I will accept that as I have aged I have become paler around the edges (particularly my hair!)


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A lot of plants throw up ...

... white-flowered variants, e.g. honesty, wood forget-me-not, musk mallow, common mallow, sweet violet, lesser periwinkle, herb robert.

However in these case the white flowers are found on particular plants. I think that you'll find that if you look closely, in the case of lesser celandine, both yellow and white flowers occur on the same plant.

In the case of primroses the white-flowered variants might be the influence of subsp. balearica. Typically white-flowered variants are determined by a single genetic locus - a mutation turns off pigment production.

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I've posted some more photos

I've posted some more photos illustrating the changes to flower colour in the same plant.

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colour variation

Thank you all for your comments.