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Not a fern!

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Beautiful fern-like plant growing in rockery/gravel garden in park. Ignore the yellow corydalis growing through it! Not sure if deliberately planted but can't identify from my books.

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Are you sure ...

... that it's a fern, and not, for example, an umbellifer?

I don't know any ferns or umbellifers that look like this, but it looks a bit like Chaerophyllum aureum (and not like any British fern).

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Perhaps it's not - it just said "fern" to me when I saw it. I just thought how beautiful and graceful it looked.
I've just googled Chaerophyllum aureum and that appears quite hairy - this plant was not. Mystery!

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Ferny plant

I think I found it! Looks like the picture of Corydalis wilsonii, and the yellow flowers do belong to it!

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I was at Ness Botanic Gardens yesterday ...

... and saw a plant labelled as Corydalis wilsonii in the Alpine House. That was a different plant to the above, so I checked out another dissected-leaved yellow-flowered Corydalis. I can't be certain that there aren't additional confounders that I am not aware of.

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Yes, when I looked further, there appear to be different plants with the same name attached. Some say alpine house only, others say hardy-ish perennial. I've ordered some seeds of a couple of species, we'll see what grows - of course, they may not be true to name either! Think I'll ask the RHS as well. The plant I saw is one I would love to grow.

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Confusing indeed

The Flora of China has 357 species of Corydalis. Even section Cheilanthifoliae has 6 species.

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Fascinating link!
The RHS expert confirms Corydalis cheilanthifolia, so have agreed your ID. You can take a bow!