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Home Garden Survey

I'm doing a survey of my garden in Heamoor, Penzance. The garden is just 10m x 10m but over the past three months I've recorded over 300 species including some very under-recorded species. Have also found some rather interesting springtails and flatworms which I've been able to photograph. All species are being photographed and placed online on a website. http://www.davefenwick.com/roscadghill/index.html

So far the website features about 420 species and I'm hoping for over 1,000 from the area by the end of the year. Currently thes only 519 species recorded in the 1Km square.

The reason I'm posting here is that I'm having a bit of difficulty with spiders, mites and flies, and wondered if anyone with a bit of experience could have a look please, and with a view of possibly making some suggestions.




David Fenwick



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Happy to have a look, but you could post any you are not sure of on iSpot, so that people see them without having to chase them up and so that experts see them.

Fly 2 is probably Sargus bipunctatus
Fly 5 is a Lonchoptera (can't be sure of species, but probably lutea)
Fly 10 is one of the Scathophaga dung flies
Flies 4 and 8 are owl-midges (Psychodidae)
Fly 6 is one of the Mycetophilidae (Fungus gnat)