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Barnack Nature Reserve

Observed: 5th May 2013 By: pinkninja
May 13 004
Bee pollinating
Rare Pasqueflower
Pasqueflower info
Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Cowslip (Primula veris) interacts


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ID comment

The first image is a Cowslip, the second one is a Common Carder Bee and the last few are obviously Pasqueflowers as per the plaque.

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Second Image - Taraxacum

Oh dear! There is no hope for me! ... I didn't even see the Carder Bee! Lol

I was thinking "Hmmm which section does that Dandelion belong to...."

It's Dandelion season and I'm becoming obsessed! :)

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Second Image

I suppose it depends on how you look at the image, is it a Common Carder Bee on a Dandelion or a Dandelion with a Common Carder Bee on it.

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You're right of course!

What else am I missing happening all around me while I'm Taraxacum obsessed! LOL!

At least its only for a few weeks more I guess!