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Petal-less plant

Observed: 4th May 2013 By: Amiguru

There are several specimens of this plant growing in a cultivated plot adjacent to woodland and about a kilometre from the east coast.
Total height about 10cm.The leaves are grass like but with widening tips. Florescences seem to be petal-less.

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You could think of this ...

... as an aberrant buttercup - it's more closely related to buttercups, spearworts and crowfoots than is lesser celandine (which is why lesser celandine is now Ficaria verna instead of Ranunculus ficaria).

What you have is not an inflorescence with apetalous flowers. Instead you have a flower with five green petals, an appreciable number of stamens (perhaps 15), and a cylindrical gynoecium composed of a very large number of carpels.

If you look at a buttercup and a celandine you'll see that these also have a large number of carpels (and subsequently achenes) - mousetail differs in the elongation of the cluster.

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Many thanks Lavateraguy. It

Many thanks Lavateraguy. It all makes sense now; both the buttercup connection and the environmental situation - they are growing in a reclaimed plot at the top of a small stream bank and partial shade.