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finding hard to id as no pic of underwing

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tricky fritillaries

Hi squirrel, I agree that fritillaries are hard to work out! But have you tried looking at the UKbutterflies site - go to their Nymphalidae page and scroll down to find the fritillaries:

Keep in mind the time of year, which should help rule out some of the possibilities. And look carefully at the shape of the outer edge (termen) of the forewing, plus the shape and colour of the spots just inside the outer edge.

But if you get stuck let us know!

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well was thinking possibly

well was thinking possibly high brown but now def thinking the dark green because of the spots on the forwing being in line


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dark green fritillary

The wing tips are distinctly rounded in this species - others like high brown and silver-washed have longer more pointed fore-wings. I've always thought our names for these fritillaries are pretty daft - why call a bright orange butterfly dark green?

Bob Ford