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Chiton camouflage

Observed: 3rd May 2013 By: dejayM
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Two Chitons - different pools
I offer them to illustrate their apparent ability to camouflage.
Whilst the first picture shows that it doesn't blend in perfectly, it shows a possible 'preparation' for the colonisation of the purple algae.
The second picture shows the animal has completed the process in a rather more uniform backdrop.
PENCE is 8mm
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Looking through all other iSpot Chitons, one can see how really 'clever' they are. There are a couple of notable exceptions, so I shall assume they are probably migrating!
Until very recently I did not really know that Chitons 'existed', certainly not how to pronounce it! The desire to look more closely has never been so well rewarded but it has posed more questions and mysteries that I can answer or unravel. Like good Lager, iSpot is reaching the parts.....

I wonder why the Search option offers Leptochiton scabridus?