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Lamb's Lettuce v Forget-me-not

Observed: 30th April 2013 By: RHomanRHoman’s reputation in PlantsRHoman’s reputation in PlantsRHoman’s reputation in PlantsRHoman’s reputation in Plants

Growing at the foot of a garden wall and edge of a pavement. Perhaps a garden escape.

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Cornsalad id

Thanks for the agreements, but I have hit a snag. Keeled Cornsalad (V. carinata) apparently is a frequent garden weed in Weston - probably more so than locusta. I don't think the 2 species can be separated other than by the seeds?

Robert Homan

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Cornsalad ID

To address the snag, put up an ID as Valerianella sp., and hope that it garners the requisite agreements.

Or perhaps Chris or Graeme can offer a reason for identifying it as V. locusta.