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Rough Periwinkle

Observed: 28th April 2013 By: dejayM
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green and yellow
banded & size

A whole range of colours; I thought at first the green areas were where the animals were in layers of stained water but many were from different areas and different pools.
Fourth picture may show a Littorina compressa (centre)
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or even Littorina arcana
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Nice pics Derek, is that

Nice pics Derek, is that using a bit of flash or really good sunlight? Nice either way.


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Thanks Cathal.
Yes and no, bottom two indoors, on-camera flash. A little zoom, so as to be as close as possible and not have camera-shadow.
Manual settings f8 - shutter is irrelevant after about 125th.
Top two outdoors sunlight, so spot exposed (no flash).
Either Lumix TZ19 or LX5 which is not so easy to use. Both are pocket cameras - I often carry both.