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Great Tit repeatedly pecking mirror and window

Interested to know if the following is common behaviour with Great Tit's or other birds.
For a couple of weeks each morning a Great tit has sat on our window sill and repeatedly flies up and pecks the window. We cannot see any insects or likely food on the window , but anyway washed the window and it still does it. Tried closing the curtains with no success.
We had also noticed that both front car door have bird dropping on them, today I watched a Great tit repeatedly pecking the wing mirror.
By the amount of dropping on both doors it (they) must have been be doing it for sometime.
Guessing it see its reflection as a rival



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This is probably a territory thing. At this time of year Tits have broken away from the large multi species flocks they form in winter to hold individual breeding territories which they will defend diligently.

He (have a look at how bold the black stripe is down the chest; if it is wide, bold and continues between the legs it’s a boy) is probably seeing his reflection and believing he has an incredibly handsome rival.



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Many years ago -

In Wyre Forest, I observed a Great Tit repeatedly attack its own reflection in a forester's tractor mirror.
The spot may have been on the bird's flight path to and from a nest, because it repeated the attacks several times over about half an hour, before my conscience pricked me into getting back to work log-splitting.

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I've seen the exact same thing with Grey Wagtails, both male and female, pecking at a car mirror. It only started in the run up to nesting season so I had asumed it was territorial behaviour. Ironically there are Great Tits in the same patch and they don't go near the mirror.