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Sea Lemon

Observed: 3rd May 2013 By: dejayM
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damaged egg ribbon

About 2.5cms. Seemed like a sponge at first encounter. But close photo-inspection reveals two 'antennae' and feathered gills.
I established it as a Discodorididae, thinking it might be Jorunna tomentosa on the grounds of size and the nearby egg ribbon (broken but shown - picture 3)
But was not able to discount the more common Sea Lemon as it has a quite blotchy appearance and the antennae do not appear to be stalked.
There is still a fair chance it might be Jorunna tomentosa
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Goodness, I am enjoying my low water forays to rock pools and weed beds.
Dozens of mysteries, intensified by not paying enough attention to details or key issues and taking photos from wrong angles.
iSpot is helping me a lot because I can see if other Spots are of the creatures I find. Those Postings that have a Comment trail or a few Descriptive notes are especially useful.