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agree Apiaceae, bracts should

agree Apiaceae, bracts should point down for Aethusa (which was my first thought too) and leaf lobes look too 'square'. Damage looks like herbicide not drought!

Tim Rich

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In the absence of a better idea ...

... perhaps we are stuck with the hypothesis of Aethusa cynapium, with the discrepancies being the result of herbicide damage.

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Fool's Parsley and Feverfew

Fool's Parsley did cross my mind but it has cow parsley-like foliage, and more, reflexed, not patent, bracteoles (and usually doesn't flower until later in the year).

While feverfew is one of the plants that vegetatively fakes an umbellifer (another being herb robert), I'm sure that this is an umbellifer - the inflorescence is nothing like a composite.

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Hi it is a connundrum I'd be interested in the development of the plant no doubt it is an umbelifer


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I haven't got any book at

I haven't got any book at hand but if I remember well there are ~3 subsp/var of A. cynapium in Stace, and I only know well one, a relatively smaller arable weed, common on the continent. But I am really not sure what else it could be.
Looking forward to an update when it's fruiting!
Is there only one plant at the site?
Best Wishes

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There was just the one plant ...

... growing in the crack between the pavement and the wall. (For what it's worth, I usually see Aethusa cynapium as single plants.)

If it's showing herbicide damage than there's a possibility that it won't survive to fruit. Apart from that, there's no guarantee that I'd be passing at the right time.