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Beadlet Anemone

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Sea anemone

large about the size of a half drink can

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Definitely this species as it is the only anemone in rock pools that has that distinctive pattern.

Bob Ford

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These anemones are causing

These anemones are causing trouble in marine biology circles! there is much debate as to whether they are a colour morph of the beadlet anemone (Actinia equina) which have three recognised morphs red, brown and green. None of which have spots on the base like the strawberry in your picture!


Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
Natural England

To find out about what's going on in the south west check out http://www.ispot.org.uk/forum/8409

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strawberry anemones

They always seem to be a lot bigger than a typical beadlet though, so perhaps not just a colour morph - unless the spots only develop in large specimens.

Bob Ford

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Re reallocation

I see you've several observations in other organisms & as they're all invertebrates they should be moved there to join their fellows, which is done by selecting your observation in myspot, selecting edit & the changing group to invertebrates, & then clicking save.

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I do think it time that Admin found a way of CHANGING the group of posts when authors either ignore pleas or have left the arena.
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changing groups

ok have changed that now :)


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