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Stathmopoda daubanella daubanella?

Observed: 17th April 2013 By: pjwoodspjwoods’s reputation in Invertebrates
Stathmopoda daubanella daubanella
  • Stathmopoda daubanella daubanella
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Caught in a skinner trap in

Caught in a skinner trap in coastal woodland, approx 50m from the sea. Caught on 15/4 on a clear night. Approximately 0.5cm long

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Thnks. What a difficult group.
Not much to go on is there..


is the closest I can get but obviously cannot agree based on the picture.
I think you would need to add more information, ID Notes, key information and possible sources, to your postings (six so far) to get agreements.
Good luck with the GVI work though.

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Thanks for the advice, I'm

Thanks for the advice, I'm new to mothing, an interested beginner. I've been using the Lepidoptera of the Seychelles monograph by Justin Gerlach and Pat Matyot to make these identifications.