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Observed: 1st May 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Invertebratesscubamann’s reputation in Invertebrates

Seen in my garden, the first (I think) this year.
Surprisingly a bit tatty around the edges(a bit like myself - with no excuse).
Why are the wing edges missing?

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Tatty wings

The Small Tortoiseshell hibernates overwinter and emerges March / April, so what you are seeing is an old tatty butterfly.

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Thanks, I had not realised

Thanks, I had not realised they hibernated.
I see you have not "agreed" with either identification. I am still trying to get to grips with i-spot etiquette/procedures [and indeed completing the submissions - I had not noticed that I had omitted the Latin]. Some spotters have agreed both identifications, others only the one with the Latin included, and you neither. Can you explain what is going on? [I am NOT criticising, just genuinely perplexed]?