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Purple primrose?

Observed: 2nd May 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plants

A purple and yellow flower that is growing amongst or with yellow primrose. It has the same leaves and is the exactly the same size as the yellow ones so I think it not Bird's-eye primrose, but mat be a cross.
It is redder in real life than in the photos

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This happens fairly often and

This happens fairly often and I have always been under the impression that it's more likely when people have planted garden primula varieties somewhere nearby, i.e. a cross. However, it might also be a naturally occurring phenomenon. Hopefully someone will give you a more definitive answer. We always dig our pink ones up.

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Thanks. In this instance the site is a good few metres from any garden, and across a busy road (though that may be a way for "carriage" by winds/cars, rather than isloation). There was a large cluster about 2m across [I will add a picture if I can find it] and they were all mixed, so I suspect a natural variation - but it was the colour that caught my eye and I pulled up to photo it.
I rather think it is prettier than the yellow, but that is all subjective.

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When looking at whether a

When looking at whether a wild population has been affected by garden cultivars, you have to consider how far bees travel.

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Good point

I am pretty ignorant about land plants, and did not realise that the pollination could produce these crosses in the wild.
I cannot find my photo of the mass group, but they are just down the road so I can go back and re-take it.
I am about to post a sighting of a possible primrose with half-white flowers. Ah, I have just seen another posting that demonstrates this variation, so will not be doing so.
Maybe this is the same effect (or I have got my identification wrong again). Or it is an ageing thing - do they fade towards the end of their flowering? I have seen similar in lesser celandines.


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pink primmies

There's an article in the laest edition of the BSBI news about this

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Thanks for the comment, but what is BSBI ?
[I am not being facetious, I genuinely do not know].

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For the BSBI (Botanical Society of the British Isles) see ...

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Many thanks.

Many thanks.