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Pasque Flowers near Barnsley, Glos

Observed: 29th April 2013 By: tsugruetsugrue’s reputation in Plantstsugrue’s reputation in Plantstsugrue’s reputation in Plants
Pasque Flowers
Pasque Flowers2
Pasque Flowers3

Pasque Flowers on unimproved limestone grassland near Barnsley, Glos.

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Adding scientific name. The

Adding scientific name.
The map location appears to be E of Moscow?

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Pasque Flower Location

This was my first post, so I may have my coordinates wrong.

It should be 51.7562°N 1.9217°W

I'll correct it now.

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Those coordinates are

Those coordinates are correct. Clicking on the map location (above) gives a place in the North Sea E of Clacton. 51.7562, 1.9217
You need to specify that the second coordinate is W not E, I think.

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OK, now

W of Barnsley, Gloucs.

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pasque flower

If you type in the English name very often ispot with come up with the same name - click on this one as it links better to the latin name when you ask for suggestions it also makes sure you link to the correct group eg plants.

Good ispotting

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You could make the first picture into another observation

There appear to be plants of Carex caryophyllea on the right.

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Lovely photos! Just wanted to add that when adding an observation to iSpot you don't have to type in latitude and longitude figures, in most cases it is easier to click on the "Use map" button, from which you can search for your location on Google maps and once you've found it and zoomed in just click the location you need on the map.

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Thanks to all for the very helpful comments. I found the maooing method for getting the location in the end, and then saw it had the OS reference option. It's a shame you can't enter the OS reference on the prime page, and some clues to the format of the lat. and long. numbers would be helpful.

Now I've done it once it won't be a problem!