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Caterpillar on nettle


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It looks a bit like pictures

It looks a bit like pictures I've got (FSC Guide to caterpillars of the butterflies of Britain and Ireland) of Lycaenidae caterpillers, but none of them seem to have common nettle as a larval foodplant.

The Natural History Museum Laval Foodplants Website ( gives some Nymphalidae butterflies whose catterpillers are nothing like this, and the following moths as having Common Nettle (Urtica dioica) as laval foodplant:

Noctuidae Abrostola trigemina
Noctuidae Abrostola triplasia
Noctuidae Hypena obsitalis
Noctuidae Hypena proboscidalis
Pyralidae Pleuroptya ruralis

Looked up some of these on UK Moths but still not yet seen anything obvious!... Need to go eat now, but may have another investigate later! Best wishes, Alison

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It also looks a bit like an

It also looks a bit like an Autographa species moth larva? Some of them do feed on nettle. Beautiful Golden Y feeds on nettle and Gold Spangle. Silver Y feeds on many plants including nettle. Snout feeds on nettle and looks a bit like this but maybe not so much white, any indication of size?