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Weevil sp.

Observed: 2nd May 2013 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found on a semi-grassed brownfield site. About 11mm long. One of the bigger weevils I've seen, thought it might be identifiable. I still have it in a pot, so I can take further pictures if needed for an ID (though I intend to let it go this evening).


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Big black weevil

I'm hoping you read this before letting it go! I've considered the possibility of it being an Otiorhynchus species, but there are problems with that.
Is it possible to add photographs to the Observation? If so, it would be helpful to have
1. a strictly dorsal view of the rostrum ('nose')
2. details of the lower surface of the front femur. The LH front femur in your photo has a bump, but is it a spine?
3. a close up of the top of the thorax to show the puncture pattern? It looks from the photo that you've provided that it has rather sparse puntation here.

The nearest-fit of the Otiorhynchus are one species which isn't know from that far north, and an exceptionally rare one known only from Scotland and Ireland! But don't get your hopes up!

Richard Dickson

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Hopefully some of these

Hopefully some of these pictures will help?

I'll keep it a little while longer, just in case any more photos are needed.