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Geotrupes pyrenaeus?

Observed: 26th April 2013 By: Chris MoodyChris Moody’s reputation in InvertebratesChris Moody’s reputation in InvertebratesChris Moody’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found on a mixed habitat, sandy track bordering coniferous woodland and grassland.

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It is Anoplotrupes

It is Anoplotrupes stercorosus.

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Any idea on the indentations behind the head? They're almost too symmetrical to be coincidence/damage?

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Of course, it is not A.

Of course, it is not A. stercorosus. Sometimes it is better to sit back and let the specialists in. Sorry!

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It is certainly pyrenaeus

This is definitely Trypocopris pyrenaeus and not Anoplotrupes or Geotrupes. The only species it could conceivably be confused with is T. vernalis, which has a different general habitus/colour and has all abdominal sternites punctured and pilose along the midline; your specimen clearly has the punctures and pilosity effaced along the midline of the sternites.

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Name change

Hi Chris, based on the information from scarabus I've agreed with your identification as Geotrupes pyrenaeus, but if you'd like to add a further identification as Trypocopris pyrenaeus (the name that comes up if you use "Get recommended") then I'll agree with that instead.

A good record for this scarce species.

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Thanks all.

Thanks everyone.