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Observed: 30th April 2013 By: cloverclare

Found on top of mossy hummock in heather bog. It's about 3 cm long.

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Sorry that should say heather

Sorry that should say heather is one of the larval food plants of the species- it isnt the only plant they can feed on but it is a popular one. Emperor moth densities can be very high on heather moorland.


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Thank you

Mystery solved!

I've seen those caterpillars before in the same kind of habitat - very distinctive - hopefully I'll see the moth next!

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Hi Clare,If you visit

Hi Clare,

If you visit the site in the next few weeks you should see the males on the wing during the daytime. The warmer the day the better- pick a good day to look.

The males appear like butterflies on the wing and they wont stop flying, dont expect one to settle because they just dont in my experience. The females are much rarer encountered, they rest during the day and only fly at night but the males searching for her in daylight are your best bet. A butterfly net is the best way to intercept a male on the wing to get a look at it.

Sorry just noticed my spelling error in your name and sorted it Clare. I thought it said clovercare.