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Footprint in mud

Observed: 26th April 2013 By: StoneyblokeStoneybloke’s reputation in Mammals

Some footprints in soft mud on the bank of a small stream near Ardales, Andalusia, Spain.
The print is only about 5cm long.

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Don't think it's an otter...

If it were an otter, I'd expect the toes to be 'fatter' and the webbing between the toes more visible. Do you get muskrats in that part of Spain? My money would be on a muskrat or a big rat.

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There are no muskrat in that area, in fact it would have to be an otter as the only other animal would be a rat and, at 5cm, it is far too big to be a rat - at least not one I would ever want to meet!

Graham Banwell

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