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Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage

Observed: 29th April 2013 By: anonymous spotter
Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage

Several small plants growing in damp patch along wood ride. Small yellowish green flowers on a long stalk. Five flowers per stalk. According to Collins four flowers face outwards and one upwards. These do not appear to do so ? because they are not yet fully open. Leaves basal, long stalked and twice three-lobed.

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Adoxa usually has 5 flowers - one name is Town Hall Clock with four flowers facing in each cardinal direction and one on the top. According to Keble Martin who published a popular illustrated flora it was a symbol of "Christian Watchfulness".

Chrysosplenium usually occurs in damps situations. There are 2 species I can't split them from the picture others might

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C oppositifolium

Thanks for your feedback Mark and you are right - it is Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage. I have just checked in Schumann and Stevenson's (2011) Flora of Kings Lynn. They surveyed Reffley Wood and they recorded C oppositifolium and not C alternifolium. The fact that they did not find any Adoxa gave me some concern when I submitted the photo as such!