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Cuckoo Flower?

Observed: 28th April 2013 By: km1km1’s reputation in Plantskm1’s reputation in Plantskm1’s reputation in Plants
Cuckoo Flower?
Cuckoo Flower? zoomed.

Photographed through a fence. I tried the first link recommended by ispot for identifying flowers and went through the results. it looked like Lady's Smock aka Cuckoo Flower. I chose cuckoo flower as the name as I heard my first cuckoo of the year today. Not sure if I am right on ID but I hope so.

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Nice record

Nice record here, cuckoo flower or ladies smock (or Milk Maids as my Mum calls it) is a plant of damp meadows and ditches. It is the main food plant for the caterpillars of the orange tip butterfly.
Good to hear you have heard a cuckoo - I'm still waiting to hear my first this year.

Debbie Alston