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Observed: 27th April 2013 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesChalkie’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
DSC04076 newt

Large newt in small garden pond. Looks much bigger than the smooth newts that we have many of. Is it a great crested newt (which aren't supposed to be keen on small ponds, but they are known to be in larger ponds nearby)? Poor photo as it was impossible to get closer (cropped shot), so the crest can't be seen clearly.

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Correct ID

You are right, it is a great crested newt, nice spot for a garden pond. You should add an identification with the scientific name Triturus cristatus to link up with other great crested newt observations. If you type in great crested newt and click 'get recommended' it will be filled in automatically.

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Oops - forgot about putting the scientific name in (always do with plants, but I don't think of them with animals - tut!)

Exciting to have spotted one in our tiny pond - it's only a metre across - though currently having an extension built. The water went into the new bit today (but won't be suitable for newts for a while). Before putting the new liner in , we lifted up the old carpet that we'd put down a couple of weeks ago as underlay for the liner. There were about ten smooth newts hiding under there! The pond has also had half a dozen frogs and masses of spawn. So the newts should get well fed.

Not bad for a tiny pond. :)