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Carpark tree

Observed: 7th May 2010 By: Anne

A young tree; I thought it might be a Plane Tree, but the bark is wrong. Maybe it is some kind of hybrid. I have seen others like it where we live in Provence. It has big leaves. Can anybody help me recognize it please? I am trying to learn about trees.

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Its not Catalpa or plane but

Its not Catalpa or plane but not sure what it is so not very helpful I'm afraid.

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car park tree

This is an example of a Large Leaved White Mulberry; (Morus alba 'Macrophylla'). Thrives in poor calcareous soils and grown for its ability to thrive on neglect and casting a dense shade - invaluable in the heat of the mediterranean in the summer.


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Interesting, I wondered about

Interesting, I wondered about white mulberry given the leaf shape but thought the branching structure was wrong. white mulberries are notorious for having poor architecture (e.g. narrow angles between branches) and falling apart in strong winds whereas this one has very wide angles perhaps artificially produced like this?

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Leaves do look like Mulberry. The architecture is typical of a worked tree from a nursery.

It is also planted in the same region as they filmed Star Wars!

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is it a type of cherry,leaves

is it a type of cherry,leaves are pointed and who would plant Morus alba 'Macrophylla'in a carpark? I have a cherry with very similar architecture.

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Carpark tree

Thanks to everybody for their suggestions. I am busy comparing them with my textbook and with the tree itself which is next door to our apartment. David Archer (DHA) seems to have identified it correctly and I have learned from and enjoyed the generally learned discussion of the identification.

Anne M

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Do you want to add a revision

Do you want to add a revision to the identification then and we can agree with you.