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Dog Violet

Observed: 28th April 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in Plants

Growing in the gravel on the drive. No appreciable odour, but identification uncertain (see notes).

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Messed up the formatting of the specific name in the notes. Meant to put it into italics.

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There is the hybrid ...

Viola x bavarica, which Stace says has a dark spur. But when I googled for images the photos I found seemed to have concolorous spurs.

Another feature separating Viola riviniana and Viola reichenbachiana is the length of the sepal appendages (whatever they may be. The hybrid has intermediate length sepal appendages.

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Sepal appendages

I believe the sepal-appendages are the small extensions of the sepals at the base (i.e. not the pointy end). They are really only significant when the plant is in fruit, when they enlarge in V.rivinania, according to my books.