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Periwinkle shells

Observed: 27th April 2013 By: dejayM
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Empty shells; often grey looking in rock pools but in the warm light of home, gorgeous tones.
This post though is to show the huge variation in pattern. Scapa Flow winkles.
EDIT - added a scale picture. See (comments)

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Lovely examples Derek. Those

Lovely examples Derek. Those lines are very clear to see. I also wonder how that is caused- I have no idea.


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Fabulous examples dejay;I've

Fabulous examples dejay;I've never seen the like.My ex. is at , & I thought they served as "cryptic camouflage", ie breaking up the winkle's outline to a passing bird (especially in moving water); but bobthebirder said "Some of the 'colouration' is due to wear, the dark outer layers of the shell being worn away revealing the white lower layers." which makes no sense to me.