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Problem Pardosa

Observed: 27th April 2013 By: Joe BottingInvertebrates expert

A smallish (~5 mm body length) spider from rough grassland in mid Wales (found be beating tussocks). I'm no expert on spiders, but have the Collins guide, which is a start... and have narrowed it down to probably Pardosa sp. The problem is that the only one illustrated that looks even vaguely similar in colouring (body an legs) is Pardosa bifasciata, which apparently isn't found in Britain. Can anyone help narrow down the options, or suggest something that makes more sense?

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I agree with Alan - probably nigriceps

My first thought was immature P.nigriceps on basis of pigment pattern, but I would prefer to see an adult.

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Thanks, both

Hi Alan and Steve, and many thanks. That does make a lot more sense, and now I know what to look for, I'll see if I can find an adult nigriceps to confirm. If only spiders looked vaguely similar as they grew up it would help a great deal...