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Observed: 26th April 2013 By: Chris MoodyChris Moody’s reputation in InvertebratesChris Moody’s reputation in InvertebratesChris Moody’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The litter habitat led me to Ozyptila praticola however it looks like Xysticus cristatus most definitely a Crab Thomisidae


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The abdominal pattern looks good for Xysticus, to me anyway. As stated they can only be reliably separated under a lens.

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Xysticus for me

Xysticus and Ozyptila can be separated by the rectangle formed by the posterior / anterior median eyes. To me it looks broader than long. Compare the distance between the median eyes in the 2nd photo with those on O.praticola here -
I can't see any spatulate hairs either - another charcteristic of Ozyptila