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West Quantockhead 028

Observed: 27th April 2013 By: SomersetVC5 Recorder
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West Quantockhead 028
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Definitely a Ulota. The BBS guide says the mature capsules of U crispa narrow just below the mouth, whereas those of U bruchii taper to the mouth. The left-hand image seem to show the latter characteristics, so I'm not sure it's U crispa. However they're a tricky pair to tell apart and I'm not very experienced, so I could be wrong

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Agree with Tim, from my

Agree with Tim, from my experience (limited) it's really difficult to get it right without microscope examination.

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Agree with Tim.

Agree with Tim.
They certainly look more like U. bruchii capsules, and as some have only just lost the calyptra ie fresh, they should show the characteristic shape. They don't appear to show the narrowing before the mouth that I've seen on what I'm pretty certain is U. crispa, but I'm not an expert either.