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Observed: 17th May 2010 By: pw4248
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student

grey/green colour foliose lichen


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Not fungus but lichen. There

Not fungus but lichen.
There are several different species, the foliose one in the centre is Parmotrema perlatum, greenish foliose below is a Flavoparmelia, probably F. caperata.

Upper right the brown apothecia (jam tart-like fruiting bodies) are probably Lecanora chlarotera.
Below the Parmotrema the black dots on the light greenish-grey background are probably Lecidella elaeochroma.

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Thank you, the foliose in the

Thank you, the foliose in the centre of the image is the one I tried to describe. I have now edited the title and also deleted other image and will take a closer shot next time for easier identification.