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Observed: 25th April 2013 By: bert's unclebert's uncle’s reputation in Invertebratesbert's uncle’s reputation in Invertebratesbert's uncle’s reputation in Invertebrates
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could it be a Melangyn labiatarum perhaps?

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Its a female (eyes widely separated ontop of the head). The black area around the ocelli doesn't reach the half-way mark to the antennae and the abdominal terga 3 & 4 have lunulate spots. I think this narrows it down to 3 species, one of which is very unlikely. If I'm right, it is either E. corollae (in which case the abdominal spots should reach the edges) or E. luniger, in which case they shouldn't, and there should be a small Y-shaped extension in front of the black mark on the top of the head. Your choice!

Richard Dickson