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Prints in soft ground

Observed: 25th April 2013 By: rrobinson0

Prints found in soft ground where the animal had jumped down off a low bank on to soft ground. I've placed a 20cm rule against them to show scale. There seems to be two prints superimposed (front & back?).
Found these this morning at the bottom of the garden but have never seen any large animals there or prints, but floods left a significant depth of soft silt over what was very firm ground.

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Looks like a deer, though

Looks like a deer, though which one I'm not sure - possibly roe or muntjac? Do you know of any particular species living in your area. The splayed 'slots' are sometimes seen on soft ground like this.

Clare Flynn

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We've not seen any deer in

We've not seen any deer in the area and have lived here more than ten years, although there does appear to be a well used trail across the wooded area at the end of our garden through into neighbouring land that we wouldn't necessarily be able to see from the house. I've always put the trail down to the numerous rabbits we have in the past having not seen prints as well preserved as these before.

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deer slots

Its really odd I've done a quick internet search and there does not seem to be a "key" to deer prints. Small deer can be remarkably secretive.

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There is an excellent Field

There is an excellent Field Studies Council Guide 'British Mammal Tracks and Signs' produced in conjuction with the Mammal Society. Its only about £3.50 from various online sites or the FSC site.

Clare Flynn

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Size and shape look like Roe

Size and shape look like Roe Deer. There is an id chart in this guide... www.northpennines.org.uk/Lists/DocumentLibrary/Attachments/184//deer_ID_...

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id deer slots

thanks for both your responses

Mark Wilson