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Mite on Ant !

Observed: 23rd April 2013 By: angieodetteangieodette’s reputation in Invertebratesangieodette’s reputation in Invertebratesangieodette’s reputation in Invertebrates

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mites on ants

I agree that looks like a mite on the ant! Can't help with what sort of mite it is though. Do you know what the ant is? It looks like it could be Yellow Meadow Ant or one of its relatives in genus Lasius, which is interesting because this studies in America have found the species of Lasius are particularly attractive to mites:

See also some additional information in the reply to this question about mites and captive ants:

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Mite's on Ants

Thanks for the links, they are a 'yellow ant colony ' growing a mound in my garden. If i spot one with a Mite again i shall pop it in Ethanol because i'd love to know what type it is, many thanks Angie.