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Octopus :)

Observed: 24th April 2013 By: darwincentre
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What a find!

Clare Flynn

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In this iSpot http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/248621?nav=related
the original ID of Octopus vulgaris was changed by the poster to Eledone cirrhosa because the latter has a single row of suckers which can be seen in that photo.

The underside of the arms is this posting is not completely visible, but there is no indication of more than one row, so this might be Eledone cirrosa too. If you have more photos you might be able to decide.


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Thanks for highlighting JoC - really helpful. Am often in touch with Darwin so will bring that to their attention...... seems like clear view of the the number of rows is essential.

Clare Flynn

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Thanks JoC

Thanks JoC
We took over 100 photo's (as we were so excited to see an octopus) and there's definitely a single row of suckers so I have ammended the identification.

Many thanks
- Darwin Centre

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what a sighting! I have only

what a sighting! I have only seen one in this country diving on the north coast of devon and it refused to come out of the hole it was hiding in and let me see its arms so I never could tell which species it was!

Trudy Russell
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Natural England

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