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Observed: 21st April 2013 By: gramandy
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This looked like a nice small white flowered wild plant , but the close ups to me look like a Veronica. I don't know which. Here we go again, I remember this a year ago. I have to get to grips with these guys.

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If you look carefully at the photograph ...

... you'll see that the plant is quite hairy (not "very glabrous").

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I guess...

..that's what I meant - wrong terminology again? what am I like? :) :)

and the white flowers?

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to quote WikiPedia (which is easier than digging up a ...

... botanical jargonry) "in botany and mycology, a glabrous morphological feature is smooth, glossy, having no trichomes (bristles or hair-like structures)"

The flowers are a pale purple, which is correct for ssp. lucorum, though they do look whitish at a glance.

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and again...

...why do the flowers appear white? :)

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Some of the flowers in your photograph ...

... appear purple. I would assume that the white appearance of the others is due to over-exposure - over-exposure of petals is a frequent problem when photographing plants.